International Sea Food Company was established in May 2019. The company is planning to set up sardine & tuna cannery project with ancillary plant and related facilities in Duqm with ultimate processing inflow capacity of around 31KT/Year of sardine and tuna as well as fishmeal and fish oil. Duqm Free zone sits at the edge of Indian Ocean and contains major port and dry docks as well as special harbour zone for fisheries industries.


Fish Canning and Value- Added Products Project:

  • Location: Fishing Industries Zone in Duqum
  • Capacity: 27000 tons per year
  • Operation: Q1 of 2024


  • Sardines: 13.5 K ton per year
  • Tuna: 13.5 K tons per year
  • The company also produces oils and animal feed generated from fish
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