Commercial Fishing

Al Wusta Fisheries Industries LLC

Commercial Fishing

In the field of commercial fishing, the strategy rests upon:

Focus on international fishing activities

By securing international fishing permits within the territorial waters of cooperative and neighborly nations.

Diversifying the exploited biomass within Omani waters

Oman Pelagic holds the distinction of being the pioneering company in the commercial fishing sector of Oman, specializing in fishing for small pelagic species. As the holder of a fishing license, Oman Pelagic is authorized to operate in exclusive economic zone of Oman, specifically targeting species such as the Arabian Horse Mackerel (Trachurus indicus) and a local mackerel species (Scomber Japonicus). These species can be found within the continental shelf of the Arabian Sea area in Oman.

Oman Pelagic holds a fishing license that grants it the sole authority to engage in fishing activities for small pelagic species in Omani waters. These species include the Arabian Horse Mackerel (Trachurus indicus) and a local Mackerel species (Scomber japonicus), both of which are predominantly found within the coastal shelf of Oman’s Arabian Sea area.

Increasing the production capacity of ships

The Group has invested in two additional commercial pelagic fishing ships to its fleet, bringing the total to (5) ships dedicated to commercial fishing.

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