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Fisheries Development Oman (FDO), OIA’s investment arm in the fisheries sector, was established with a view to developing this key sector in the Sultanate by investing in profitable projects that could highlight its economic value to investors.

FDO seeks to explore and invest in local and international opportunities and demonstrate the sector’s profitability and sustainability at a global scale, utilizing the Sultanate’s competitiveness in global markets.

To realize its vision, the company has embarked on a mission to stimulate the Omani economy by creating attractive investment opportunities for both investors and lenders, while optimizing the value chain by supporting local SMEs and promoting the in-country value. Moreover, the FDO makes investments in economically feasible infrastructures to create competitive products driven by marketing tools that promote its global competitiveness. FDO further realizes that sustainability could only be achieved by nurturing and developing the local workforce, and hence it focuses on creating local economic leaders and technical experts, based on science, innovation, and technology.

Fisheries Development Oman adopts three institutional values that constitute the key drivers of its investments in the fishing sector: sustainability, responsibility, and excellence. FDO maintains the sustainability of natural, financial, and human resources in all its investments by developing an institutional framework and by-laws that ensure fulfilment of such sustainability across all its affiliated companies. In addition, it fulfils its responsibility towards society and the environment by adopting economically and environmentally responsible work methods, assessing the environmental and social impact of its investments and avoiding any negative impacts on the environment before making any new investment decisions. Finally, FDO seeks excellence in all its operations, investments, products, and relations with local or foreign investors to secure a welcoming investment environment in the fishing sector in Oman.

Eng. Nabil Salim Al Bemani



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